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Filed Documents and Recorded Documents Are Not the Same!

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For owning an aircraft you should know some of the basic things about the set of rules of the FAA like airplane registration for flying it in the U.S. airspace, aircraft maintenance and the documents. Not many people are aware of the difference between the filed and the recorded documents, but this is actually enough important to fly the aircraft successfully.

There is plenty of information already available on the internet pertaining to the FAA aircraft registration. Hence, let’s discuss the differences between the filed documents and the recorded one that is also quite significant in this context.

faa aircraft registration

The Process of Filing Documents at the FAA

Each and everything related to the flights along with aircraft registration in the U.S. is controlled by the FAA. When the documents are filed, those are reviewed and accepted by the FAA at the central registry. This is basically a window for the Public Documents Room. Here, the public can come up and hand over the documents for recording. The attendant stamps the documents along with the date and time. Thus, a document is filed in the FAA.

You can process it on your own or you can hire a trustee for doing everything to file the documents.

The Process of Recording Filed Documents

The documents which are filed are put through a thoroughgoing review process. This process can take up to six weeks to get completed. The FAA follows an extensive set of rules and the documents must meet all the requirements of the rules to be eligible for recording. In case, you are not aware of the rules, it is very possible that your documents will miss the eligibility of being recorded.

If the documents do not meet the requirements, those are not stamped and filed. They are kept in the separate file called ‘suspense’. These files are accessible by the public to view them. For the documents that meet all the criteria are stamped again with new date and time. This reflects the action of record. These are places in the aircraft file after that.

You can consult a trustee who can not only help you with the aircraft registration under the FAA but also explains the set of rules well.

faa airplane registration

The Question of Validity

The documents which are stamped and filed are not always 100% accurate. Even after the rigorous review, there can be conflicts regarding its validity. The FAA does not validate the filed or recorded documents. In the registry, the correct submission within a certain period is recorded. But, the validity of the documents is ultimately decided by the court.

Now, you may ask how this information is related to buying an aircraft. For your information, any unrecorded documents can create a cloud. These documents put in the suspense file need to be addressed while planning for an aircraft purchase. These can also have negative effects on the aircraft title.

You can understand how tedious and tricky can be the job of filing the documents for aircraft. A single mistake can make you face severe problems in operations. Call us, Aviation Trust Company for authentic information and consultation.


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