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Benefits of Registering an Aircraft – How Does a Trust Company help?

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FAA aircraft registrationYou might have an apparent or in-depth idea about aircraft registration, why it is important or how to do it. Foreign nationals and the United State citizens have different instructions for registering an aircraft and it can be done the best hiring an aviation trust company. You can do this tedious job on your own but be prepared for a headache and sleepless nights. Having said that, handing over the entire responsibility to a trust company is more convenient than doing it on your own.

Here are the benefits –

  • Unless you are a U.S. citizen, you cannot register an aircraft on your name in the country. But foreign nationals living in the country still can get their own aircraft registered if they take help of an aircraft company. This FAA aircraft registration will allow them to own and fly an aircraft without any legal difficulties.
  • Many people make the United States their second homecoming from other countries or even continent. During summer or during fall, they love to enjoy there or even for business purpose lots of people live there. When they are restricted to fly an aircraft because of not holding a citizenship card of the country that really does not feel good. The trust companies help them to fly an aircraft registering it ensuring they can frequently visit their second home.
  • For owning private aviation in the United States, the non-U.S. citizens face a lot of troubles. The FAA has a very clear and favorable process for aircraft registration and maintenance. For non-U.S. citizens, owning a private aircraft can be a burden, but a trust company eases up everything.
  • Publicly traded companies might have difficulties to meet all the FAA requirements. The corporations should have 75% voting interest owned or controlled by the citizens of the United States. Publicly traded companies have a little control over their ownership structure, in that case, it is the best to take help of an aviation trust company for the FAA aircraft registration.
  • A foreign country may purchase aircraft from the United States, but it needs maintenance before leaving the country. The new owner neither can register the airplane on their name nor can they get it unregistered. For this problem also, a trust company is the savior.
  • An aircraft that was repossessed by lenders and who are not the citizens of the United States can place the aircraft with the trust company for registering it.
  • Non-U.S. aircraft manufacturers can register the planes from a trust company to demonstrate it in the United States and to sell.

Hope for all of you these details the FAA aircraft registration for a non-U.S. citizen is quite helpful. To know more and better, contact Aviation Trust Company.


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