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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Registering a Homebuilt Airplane

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According to the FAA, a homebuilt airplane also needs a registration under its wings. In Oklahoma City, the FAA has issued more than 35,000 registration certificates and processed more than 22,000 registrations. A homebuilt airplane always has greater priority with the FAA airplane registration, and the FAA will turn it around within five working days. But, here is a catch: The turnaround will take this lesser amount of time only when the manufacturer is capable of showing all valid papers on time. In the case of an invalid paper, an incomplete document or exceeding the limited time, the registration process can be put on hold or dismissed.

Here are some of the most common mistakes homebuilders commit, leading to the disapproval of their FAA airplane registration.

  • If the airplane was built from a kit, the bill of sale should be produced to the FAA. The kit manufacturer often makes a mistake where the authenticity of the parts is undetermined.

  • The builder often confuses the bill of sale with the invoice. The FAA requires the bill of sale, not the invoice.
  • The bill of sale should match with the AC Form 8050-88. Every document you refer to in the form should match completely with the documents you submit. No matter how minor change it is, it will require additional document submission and verification. You have to wait for the process completion.
  • While filling out the form, you need to give a suitable title in the signature block. Without an appropriate title, the FAA airplane registration process can be blocked.
  • While filling in the space for your address, you just can’t use a P.O. box number. The FAA will require the exact location of your place.

  • You must provide a serial number for your airplane. It is not required that the kit number should be the serial number of your airplane; you can make up a new one. Just make sure that the number is put on the AC Form 8050-88.

These are the basic mistakes that homebuilders commit resulting in cancelled FAA airplane registration. It’s a hectic job to perform on your own; to make it easier, contact Aviation Trust. We will take all the initiatives to register your airplane with the FAA without any hassle and at an affordable price.


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