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Are you Eligible to Register an Aircraft?

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faa aircraft registration

As you have landed here on this page, it means you must want to know about the eligibility criteria of the FAA airplane registration. The FAA has strict rules that need to be followed in the U.S. and this organization determines who can and cannot register an aircraft in this country. Here are the eligibility requirements elaborated.

If you are a citizen of the U.S. you are definitely eligible to register an aircraft. The FAA has a long list of criteria regarding this citizenship and registration. You can check our other blogs to know the complete eligibility criteria. If you are not a citizen, there is no need to stress yet as you can also register an aircraft when you are not an U.S. citizen under certain circumstances.

Corporations and Stand-alone Entities

There is no restriction imposed on corporations owning an aircraft but to register it here the board of directors should predominantly be U.S. citizens. Alternatively, there should be ¾ voting interest within the company controlled by U.S. citizens. A corporation can complete the FAA aircraft registration process when it is established under the U.S. laws. Stand-alone or unincorporated associations also can register an aircraft but to know about that in detail you should call a trust company.

faa airplane registration

Registration process for Foreigners

If you think people from outside the United States cannot register their aircraft, you are incorrect. There are certain conditions to this but a trust company can play a role in helping foreigners register an aircraft. However, the corporation or organization should be completing business in the United States. 60% of flight hours should start and end in U.S. territory.

When You Are Eligible

When you know that you are eligible for FAA airplane registration, you need to find a good trust company. This association will help you to successfully pass all the tedious paperwork and you will get everything done hassle-free. We honestly do not want people to go in the wrong direction during the registration process as it involves a lot of paperwork and there are alot of opportunities to make mistakes.

At Aviation Trust Company we help our clients to stave off all these hassles when they are up for FAA aircraft registration. For more information and to know how we make your registration easier contact us today.


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