FAA Aircraft RegistrationFAA Airplane Registration

Documentation That You Cannot Ignore When Flying an Aircraft

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faa aircraft registration

Dealing with an aircraft is not an easy task. Now we are not talking about battery driven toys or cars, this is a real aircraft. For the people who have dealt with it, know really well how much importance the papers and documentation hold to fly an aircraft into U.S. territory. Aside from papers, there are plenty of things that need to be taken care of to have an FAA aircraft registration. When flying into the U.S. or out of the country – Whatever it is, you need to show proper documentation.

Without such documents pilots can encounter problems –

Aircraft Documents

The aircraft should valid and current with its FAA airplane registration and airworthiness certificate. The entity should be ‘active’ if the registered owner of the aircraft acts as a corporation or a liability. When it is not, the registration is invalid as well. Flying an aircraft without valid registration is subject to penalty and  sometimes even prosecution.

If the pilot is not the owner, a copy of the lease agreement papers and other authorization papers should be present on board. If it is a newly purchased aircraft, and flying with a temporary FAA airplane registration, there should be a hand-card registration certificate. The pilot would not be able to fly the aircraft unless there is a Declaration of International Operations by the FAA.

Passenger/Pilot Certificates

The pilot should have a valid airman certificate, medical fitness certificate. There should be a restricted radiotelephone operator’s permit; though this is not required for U.S. operations, it completely depends on the destination. The authorities also should make sure that the pilot is operating under the basic med provisions. There are very few countries that recognize basic med in place of a valid medical certificate.

The pilot and passengers should have valid U.S. passports or other DHS approved travel documentation. It is required that the information about the pilots or passengers should match with the information available in the eApis system provided to the U.S. Customs Border Patrol (“CBP”). Until information matches, entry to the country could be delayed or rejected or the pilot may encounter civic penalties.

Now it is clear why, apart from an FAA aircraft registration, other documents are equally important. Come to Aviation Trust Company for all these and collect your papers.

faa airplane registration


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