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Dos and Don’ts for FAA Aircraft Registration

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Purchasing an aircraft is not enough to fly your airplane in U.S. airspace. You have to undergo the complicated process of airplane registration under the FAA. There are lots of rules and regulations that aircraft owners have to abide by in order to get the aircraft registered properly and have permission to use U.S. airspace.

While undergoing the process of registration, many owners fall into trouble and end up getting stuck. If you find yourself in this situation, you should get the help of a trustee who is experienced and well-acquainted with the rules and regulations of the FAA.

faa airplane registration

Here are some Dos and Don’ts which will be helpful for you to process your aircraft registration under the FAA.

The Dos

  1. If one aircraft registration application is submitted under Federal Aviation Regulations 47.31, you need to carry a second copy of that application as temporary authority to operate. This will be valid for a maximum of 90 days within the United States. It is like a ‘pink slip’ made of carbon paper from the application. Printed duplicates of the applications are also acceptable now. No matter what kind of duplicate copy you have, you have to abide by some strict limitations. You will get 90 days until it expires, unless the FAA denies the form sooner then that.
  2. You have to return an ineffective certificate within a certain period of time determined by the FAR. According to FAR 47.41, the certificate of registration should be returned to the Registry within a limited time in case of aircraft registration in a foreign country. The certificate stated as invalid should be returned immediately.
  3. You have to notify the aircraft registry in written format if there is any change to the owner’s mail address. The tenure for this is a maximum of 30 days.

The Don’ts

  • Never try to operate an aircraft with an invalid registration. These cases include the transfer of ownership, 30 days past the death of the owner and the aircraft under the law of other countries. The consequences can be severe and you may lose your authority to run the airplane in the U.S.
  • Don’t change the registration N-number without a new certificate from the FAA within 10 days of the affixation of the number.

faa aircraft registration

Following these rules are quite complicated when attempted by an owner. Therefore, for hassle-free airplane registration with the FAA, you need to hire a trustee. Here at Aviation Trust Company, we have been dealing with such cases for a long time. This experience matters. You can check our previous client’s feedback to be sure of our reliable service.


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