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FAQs on Airplane Renewal after FAA Aircraft Registration

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If you already have a registered airplane, you should know the registration renewal policies of the FAA to keep using it. Just like the FAA aircraft registration, the renewal also incorporates many rules and regulations that you must follow. The tenure of an airplane registration is three years. It is recommended to file for a renewal five months before the date of expiry. Make sure to file for the renewal before the old one expires to avoid any hassles and allows enough time for re-registration.

Let’s discuss the commonly asked questions regarding airplane registration renewal to make it easily understandable.

1. Will the owner be notified about the registration being up for renewal?

The FAA Aircraft Registration department will  send a notice to the owner six months prior to the expiration date. It is requested that the airplane owner file for the renewal before this expiry date.. The more time  given to the process; the less likely an error on the document submission will occur.. This will also help ensure you get the new certificate before the old one expires.This means the owner wouldn’t need to wait for the new certificate if it is filed on time.

2. Will there be only one Notice?

If the FAA finds out that no renewal application is filed for the aircraft, you will receive another notice of renewal and the available options for it. If you do not take the necessary actions after the second one, there will be a third notice stating the withdrawal of the FAA support in relation to the airplane and its operation. The assigned number for the FAA aircraft registration will be canceled if it is not re-registered within 60 days of its expiry date.

3. Will the early application be granted?

You can file for the renewal a maximum of six month prior to expiry. If it is filed 30 days before this period, the FAA will return it asking for you to  re-file at  the correct time. The best time to file the renewal application is five months prior to the expiry date.

4. Can it be done online?

Yes, you can do it online. Mostly airplane owners use the online platform to file for the renewal. Within the first two notices provided by the FAA, a security code is provided through which the online application can be accessed. The address of the registration application should match with the renewal details and the payment of $5 can be paid via credit card or debit card.

5.What if any change has to be made?

The application form with the changed details should be sent to the official email address of the FAA. The professionals of the FAA will confirm it and process the rest afterward.

This entire process can be done via any trust as well. You can opt for FAA aircraft registration and the renewal with confidence through  Aviation Trust. Their professional service will provide you with the permit to fly  your airplane without any interruption.



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