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Gather Information On the Process of FAA Airplane Registration

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The aviation industry of the U.S. is fully controlled by the FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA is the authorized organization that monitors all aspects of civil aviation, including air traffic management, operations of the airports, certification of aircraft, registration and protection of the assets of the U.S. This article will discuss one of the major roles of the FAA: aircraft registration.

FAA Airplane Registration

What Is FAA Aircraft Registration?

The National Aviation Authority of every country issues aircraft registrations. For the U.S., the FAA is the responsible organization. FAA aircraft registration is the process through which the aircraft is marked with a special alphanumeric code that includes the aircraft’s country of origin. The serial number that comes with it is also unique. The code is listed on the certificate of registration and is confirmed by the NAA.

Eligibility for Registration

While describing the process of FAA airplane registration, one important point to mention is the eligibility criteria. The list of FAA registration eligibility criteria is a little lengthy, but it needs to be followed with keen attention so that no problem occurs at the time of registration.

The aircraft can be registered by the FAA if:

  1. It is not already registered in another country.
  2. It is in the legal name of the owner.
  3. It is owned by a U.S. citizen.
  4. It is owned by a partnership of two U.S. citizens.
  5. The owner is from a foreign country but has permanent residence in the U.S.
  6. The owner is running a business under the law of the U.S.
  7. It is owned by a corporation organized under the laws of the U.S., a state or the District of Columbia, and:
    • The president and two-thirds of the directors’ board and managers are U.S. citizens.
    • At least 75 percent of the voting is controlled by U.S. citizens.

The Process of Registration

FAA airplane registration is a complicated process, and it requires following certain rules. First, an application should be sent with the following details:

  • A proper Aircraft Registration Application, AC Form 8050-1.
  • The registration fee, payable to the FAA.
  • Evidence of ownership of the aircraft, such as a bill of sale.

The application form for FAA aircraft registration should be an original one. For the online procedure, you can get the form from the official FAA website and submit it after completing it with the necessary credentials. For a hard copy of the form, you may contact the Aircraft Registration Branch. Submission of the form, in this case, can be done via mail. The designation of the person registering the aircraft, in terms of the owner, co-owner, manager or partner, should be mentioned with the signature.

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