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Why Does the Certificate of Airworthiness Matter?

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A certificate of airworthiness is the measurement of an aircraft’s ability to fly safely. Only after performing a few maintenance actions, an aircraft can get this certification. Apart from the FAA airplane registration, a person would not be able to fly an aircraft in the U.S. if it is not in airworthy condition. This is the key reason that the FAA has a branch for maintaining airworthiness records.

Airworthiness Registration

You may think it is only a certificate to allow you to fly. But that is not the actual scenario. As an owner, you have to apply for the FAA aircraft registration certificate first. The very next step is for you to apply for the airworthiness registration; you would not be eligible for this certification without the FAA aircraft registration.

faa airplane registration

Authority and Classification

No one except the FAA authority can give you this airworthiness certification. The FAA Aviation Safety Inspector would visit you. At the same time, you would get a certificate from an authorized Representative of the Administrator. But these documents can be revoked at any point in time. There are multiple ways to revoke a certificate. If the aircraft is not airworthy anymore, which means that it is not eligible for flying anymore, the certificate can be revoked.

There are different kinds of certificates. The two types are “Standard Airworthiness Certificate” and the “Special Airworthiness Certificate.” The first type is considered normal, and this certification is for commuter planes, acrobatic ones, utility planes etc. Aircrafts should be under a safe condition for operation. The FAA inspector, after checking the FAA airplane registration, decides whether the craft is eligible for safe operation or not. That means the aircraft should not have window delamination, excessive skin corrosion, fluid leak or bad tire wear etc.

Another type is the Special Airworthiness Certificate. This is for other types of aircrafts that are for personal use. Airplanes that are used for agriculture purposes also come under this category. For actions like weather control, aerial surveying, patrolling, wildlife or forest conservation etc. this type is used.

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