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How to Change an Old FAA Aircraft Registration Number?

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For some, it is more exciting to select a new N number than to choose a custom license plate. There are multiple steps in the process; however, you must consider the timing and the possible downtimes to prevent your aircraft from being influenced by the schedule.

Your N Number

The first step is to select and book an available FAA aircraft Registration Number from the FAA Civil Aviation Registry. The new number should be authorized to the name of the individual who will also have the authority to request further assignment of the new number; therefore, it will reduce the chances of additional paperwork.

Next, the registered owner must request the New Number to be assigned for the aircraft. When a request is raised, the FAA’s approval to paint the new numbers on your aircraft may take around four to six weeks. There is no alternative way available currently to speed up the process. The FAA sends the Assignment of Special Registration Numbers forms or AC Form 8050-64 to the registered owner; this is to give authority to place the New Number.

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AC Form 8050-64

For 365 days, the AC Form 8050-64 is valid. The owner must sign the form, and it should be returned after five days of placing the new number at the FAA Civil Aviation Registry. Only afterward does the owner obtain the authority to paint the New Number and operate the aircraft under it.

Follow the instructions mentioned in the form, like carry a duplicate copy of the form along with the old FAA airplane registration number or certificate as the interim authorization would operate the airplane until the revision of the certificate of registration has been received.

If an international trip is scheduled before you receive the new FAA aircraft registration certificates, after you have received the AC Form 8050-64, then the International Operation Declaration will need to be submitted to expedite the receipt of the new aircraft registration certificate.

Be Patient

You must continue operating the plane under its current N number until you receive an AC Form 8050-64 from the FAA. If the N Number is changed on the airplane before receiving AC Form 8050-64 form, the owner must cover up the old number but operate under it.

Other Things to Remember

There are a few other items involved while changing an N number but those are not limited to – lender notification, placard change, new airworthiness certificate and changes in LOAs and MEL. Other documents mentioning the old FAA airplane registration number and parties like an insurance company, a lender should be notified.

Find a Trust Company

Find a trust company to file all documentation including New Number reservation. Changing the old number can be a daunting task and might take months to be completed if you do not have a trust company. Come to us at Aviation Trust Company to help you keep flying!


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