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Officially Register Your Aircraft in the United States

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The FAA aircraft registry is known as one of the most systematic aircraft registries that control registration and licenses to fly in the U.S. The majority of aircraft across the world are registered in the U.S. through the FAA. The FAA is the regulatory agency that governs and maintains the operation of aircraft to maintain safety. This agency has the authority to check the aircraft owners for illegal, deceptive and unfair trade. The FAA Aircraft Registry in Oklahoma City, issues registration for aircraft both commercial and personal.

The FAA airplane registration process is all about filling out paperwork while following federal laws, to do this it is wise to seek the help of a trust company to complete it on your behalf. Otherwise, on your own, you either might miss a few papers or fail to understand the process entirely. Having a trust company do your FAA aircraft registration has multiple benefits such as it ensures security, validity and priority. This registration also helps in preserving the rights of business aircraft values.

When registering an aircraft, there is no age restriction. The person has to be a citizen of the U.S. and the aircraft should not be registered under a nominee or an agent, but the legal owner. In some exceptional situations, the owner might not be the legal title holder of the aircraft and will need someone else to assist in this matter.

Who can qualify to register an aircraft? The U.S. government, an individual citizen of the U.S., a partnership amongst U.S. citizens etc. is able to register. Additionally, organizations under the influence of U.S. law, the president of an organization who is a U.S. citizen or two thirds of a board directors are U.S. citizens.

There is a typical structure to register an aircraft. The aircraft owner should be a U.S. citizen under the above qualifications and if they do not qualify, he should use a non-citizen trust or NCT. Here a non-citizen party and a U.S. trustee both come under the NCT trust for registration and its qualification. There is no need for shareholders to be physically present at the location in the U.S.

A registered owner should file 8050-1B Aircraft Registration Renewal Application every three years. Under certain circumstances, current registration might become invalidated, like the current owner loses citizenship, ownership changes or the aircraft is registered under a foreign registry. In order to has a standard airworthiness certification, there needs to be a valid FAA airplane registration. Additionally, the aircraft must meet certain requirements such as approved design, safe condition for operation and maintenance, all preventive changes done legally in accordance with FAA law.

An inspection of the aircraft needs to be completed depending on the type of airplane registration it has with the FAA aircraft registry, how it is manufactured and operated etc. Generally, most aircrafts are inspected once in a year, but some of the aircrafts need to be inspected after 100 hours of flying.

Select Aviation Trust Company to complete your FAA aircraft registration. We will help you to fulfill all of  requirements according to the FAA and register, or re-register the aircraft without any hassle.


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