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Terms for Registering Your Aircraft under the FAA

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Are you already registering your aircraft with the FAA with an owner’s confidence? Need a trust from the owner? This article will help you identify whether you still have to use a trust of the owner or if you still need to start registering your aircraft with the US FAA using an owner’s trust.

Unless the aircraft has been registered by the owner and is on board the registration of the aircraft, you shall not operate a qualifying aircraft.

faa aircraft registration

Eligibility for FAA Aircraft Registration

An aircraft may not be registered with the FAA until the owner is:

  • A U.S. citizen,

  • Citizen of a foreign country but has a permanent residence in the U.S.

  • Doing business abiding by the laws of the United States and the aircraft is majorly used in the U.S.


What do you mean by the term ‘citizen of the United States’? Here are two possible meaning of it:

  • A person who is a citizen of the United States.

  • A partnership business of two people, where one or both of them is a US citizen.


Ask questions if you believe that you may not fulfill the requirements to register an aircraft with an entity. If the aircraft no longer complies with the requirements, the FAA can suspend a registration certificate. In general, the flight department is unfamiliar with the ownership information of the aircraft, but when the FAA rejects an aircraft because of registration issues, the flight department shall reply to the owner. The application for aircraft registration with the FAA is a standard government form where all the terms are explained. If an accident happens, and the insurance owner claims, the insurance may refuse cover if you are not registered with your aircraft in good standing.

faa aircraft owner trust

Owner’s Trust

If you do not meet the needs to register an aircraft on your behalf, an FAA aircraft owner trust can be used to register your aircraft.

Consider using one of the companies which regularly act as trustee-owner to ensure that the FAA determines that the trustee and the trust comply with regulatory requirements. Regulatory requirements must be met by trustees, like every trustee who meets the US citizen or resident alien definition from the FAA. In every trust agreement, too, the required language must be present. Changing an existing trust language requires the original trust counsel and aviation counsel to provide input and advice. A copy of the trust and copies of each document affecting a relationship under the trust are required to be submitted to the FAA.

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