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The FAA Aircraft Registration: What to Do After Expiry?

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The FAA aircraft registration is way important for the airplanes in the U.S. to fly. The FAA controls all the functions associated with aircraft registration. There are many people who call up for help finding difficulty while flying aircraft due to this registration problem. One of the common most is the registration expiry issue. The owner of an aircraft may fail to receive the renewal notice. If the owner fails to make the renewal application within the due date, the registration certificate will be expired, and the person needs to apply for the new application. It may take more than a month to complete the new registration.

In order to avoid this perplexing situation, you need to be acquainted with some information pertaining to this FAA aircraft registration process.

In the year 2010, the re-registration process has been revised by the FAA and it is decided that every three years the owners have to re-register the aircraft. The owners generally develop their own system or app as a reminder. And some make it totally hassle-free by leaving the responsibility to the trust companies. The FAA also eases up the reminder by sending emails (before 180 days) and a follow up notice (before 60 days). If the owner fails to renew the registration, the final notice comes after the expiry date. The procedure is also mentioned in the letter. The new registration most likely takes more than five to six weeks.

faa aircraft registration

People who forget their renewal date often falls in trouble with FAA airplane registration process time. And they call up the trusts to help them out in this case. You must be thinking when the FAA has already sent the notice that the process would take five to six weeks, how can the trusts help you out. Well, there is a legal maneuver to quicken the process of re-registration. Very obviously, the FAA wouldn’t disclose that part. If you transfer the ownership of your airplane to some other entities and file for a new registration, you will get a pink slip and can fly anywhere in the United States.

This process can be hassle-some of transferring the ownership and reapplying for the new registration on your own, but if you can get an experienced hand to deal with the situation, you will get the process completed fast and smooth.

Aviation Trust Company is one such company that can help you with all possible supports that you may need for the problems with the FAA airplane registration.


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