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The FAA Database and it Necessities

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faa airplane registration

The FAA database has all the records for aircrafts that are registered in the United States and operate in U.S. airspace. It is imperative to enlist your aircraft in the FAA database and without proper documents, the aircraft cannot be grounded. Here, we will provide you with the required information for the FAA database and the importance of airplane registration and the documentation for it.

The Necessity of the FAA Database

According to the FAA, “Article 29 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation provides that every aircraft of a contracting state, engaged in international navigation, shall carry its Certificate of Aircraft Registration”. Therefore, if you are operating your airplane in U.S. airspace, you have to carry FAA aircraft registration documents with you. It is especially crucial for those whose aircraft does not belong to the United States.

Search in the Database

If your aircraft is enlisted in the database of the FAA, the public are able to access it. Right after the registration, aircraft security, commerce and safety is facilitated. You might be wondering how a registry can help with these things, but the database is the crucial one to fetch the information on anyone’s aircraft. If you are wanting to buy an aircraft, you can find all information in the database. The database of the FAA always has correct information about the aircrafts, so people that are looking will only find authentic information only.

What Can be Seen in the Database

Registered airplanes have tail numbers and an N-number. Along with these, there is information about liens which are currently against the airplane. This is to inform the potential buyers and make them aware of the priorities those liens have. This helps them to know who has to be paid off and in which order.

The Process of Filing Forms

To get into the database, you need to fill out a form correctly. It has to be filed like a tax form. If the form is not filled out correctly, or any place is left blank, the FAA will send back the form. If you have any queries about it, you can call a trustee, which is a professional who knows all about the FAA processes.

You can call us at Aviation Trust Company for FAA airplane registration and other queries about the FAA database. They will give you any possible assistance needed and the right guidance to avoid any further problems.


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