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What Are the Global Requirements for Aircraft Maintenance?

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Any good administration’s goal is to protect the population. There are therefore most safeguards and maintenance requirements created by governments to protect the masses. Besides, there are limited financial and labor resources for many registries worldwide. These are the reasons that there are safety and maintenance requirements for an aircraft that travel with the largest number of passengers at any time – these are commercial airlines.

For example, if a particular country sets a certain limit of operating hours for an aircraft, upon exceeding that an aircraft engine must be replaced. Imagine the difference between a business jetliner and a private aircraft.

The same hourly condition may not be applicable to both aircraft, but there are often no separate requirements for different aircraft. The needs of commercial airliners are cumbersome and often wouldn’t work in the private aircraft industry. This would make it hard and costly for small aircraft operators to enjoy private aircrafts.

Therefore, the regulations and maintenance requirements of the FAA are friendlier to those with small aircrafts for general aviation. This can be due to sheer volume, since the FAA has more registered aircraft than most other countries.

In America, private aviation is quite popular. So, America is more open to legislation that favors general aviation. Many foreign owners also agree to the point that aircraft registration under the FAA with an aircraft owner trust is unexpectedly easier, simpler and more economical.

Besides, the U.S. legislation is sufficiently safe, without making the privately-owned aviation critical. Many also believe it is easier to sell registered U.S. aircrafts. Foreign private aircraft owners often have an incentive to register their planes in the USA to reap these many benefits.

There are, of course, several other reasons why aircrafts in the United States are registered in aircraft owner trusts under the FAA. To know more, read our other blogs posted in the official web page. Although the resale value cannot be ensured, as well as other countries working to make the General Aviation community’s registration process easier, the popularity of trust registration in the US does not seem to be on the decline.

To register your aircraft, come to Aviation Trust. We will help you fly compliant without the hassle. We know you are excited to fly, so we are all set to make it happen.


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