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What Happens to a FAA Airplane Registration When a Company Does Not Have Legal Status?

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Generally, corporate companies seek the help of a trust company to register their aircraft and to hold the title. There are numerous benefits of this. If you want to know these, you can go through our previous blogs. The corporate companies own an aircraft and have it for their sole use. Sometimes, a company loses its qualification or does not operate any more in that particular country; will they be able to continue flying the aircraft? This is the million-dollar question and we have tried to find out the answer for you.

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If a company does not pay their renewal or registration fees regularly, it will not stay active. If an active state turns to ‘inactive’, ‘suspended’, ‘administratively dissolved’ or ‘not in good standing’, there could be a question as to who now owns the aircraft and its ability to legally fly.

In most states, the company can activate itself again and once the suspension has been removed they can again operate the aircraft again, however it needs to have the FAA airplane registration certificate. But what will happen with the aircraft registration if the company is inactive? Will it be able to operate or by default be suspended?


According to a legal interpretation issued by the FAA, the answer is ‘NO’. But to comprehend, why it is a no, people need to follow the regulations associated with registration.

According to 14 C.F.R. §47.3(a) (3), a company receives legal permission to fly an aircraft if it meets the U.S citizenship requirements. However their registration through the FAA airplane registration office becomes invalid if the business does not continue to meet the requirements. This means, if the business does not have legal status to own or register an aircraft under its wing while applying and submitting papers for registration, it will not get a certificate. The FAA also adds, ‘a business entity that does not have or has lost legal status in the State in which it has been incorporated is neither eligible to register an aircraft nor operate that aircraft.’

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However, it depends on the situation and legal status of a company to determine whether it will be able to fly a registered aircraft after being inactive. It all depends on the state in question to decide the true situation. The FAA does not verify if the company has legal status while registering or after registration. If there is any problem, it sees daylight only after being investigated. If the FAA came to know about a business that has lost its legal status and the registration is also invalid, it can take enforcement action against anyone who has operated the aircraft after its validity.

If you want to register your aircraft and do not want it to be invalid or be blacklisted, you need a hand to help you. Therefore, you can contact Aviation Trust Company in Oklahoma City to do the FAA airplane registration on your behalf.


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